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Soda popped: Why diet soda hardly deserves your attention

Ever wondered why diet soda seems too good to be true?
Simple: it isn't.
Yes, the drink that has zero calories and still tastes good enough to drink all day, every day isn't exactly the healthy alternative it is marketed as to millions of consumers that drink everything from Diet Pepsi and Coke to flavored waters that aren't really a better alternative, either.
Most diet drinks are sweetened with artificial sweeteners, namely aspartame, that contain ingredients and subsequent side effects that are going to become noticeable health issues as you continue to guzzle these so called smarter choices to drinking too much sugar with traditional beverages.
Ask a long time diet drink customer what it was like when they stopped ingesting aspartame and drinks of that ilk, and they'll begin to tell you about an absolute 180 degree turn their body took as a result.

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Diet soda causes everything from weight gain to headaches, so when you begin to cut the diet drinks out of your diet, you'll see vast improvements in your physical well being. Not only will the headaches stop but the joint and muscle pain you've been experiencing as a result of one diet Dr. Pepper after another will certainly subside in due time as well.
It sounds odd but cutting diet soda from the equation also is going to help you lose weight. Now, while the word "diet" is part of the deal, you can bet that the ingredients in diet drinks actually increase your appetite.
Furthermore, diet drinks have a laundry list of ingredients in them that, when removed from your body over time, actually is going to make it easier to do something as simple as walk. You see, diet soda ingredients aren't exactly what you would cal healthy. For instance, your kidneys don't know even what is in diet soda and can't absorb or react accordingly.
Now, there's no telling how long you've been drinking diet soda, so it certainly can be addicting. But as much as you believe you're helping your weight loss and health cause by drinking diet drinks and sodas, you'll actually be doing more harm than good.

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