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Wait and see: As far as obesity, we're heading in the wrong direction

The average American man in the 1960s weighed approximately 160 pounds. Flash forward 55 years later, and the same average holds true.
Only, for women.
A recent study reported that the average American woman in 2015 weighs 160 pounds, a staggering number that only reflects how the public is heading in the wrong direction as far as health, diet, exercise and weight gain.
That isn't too shocking considering most of what you hear these days centers on poor eating habits and the fact that the United States is struggling mightily when it comes to having more than 50% off the population is overweight, with about 30% hitting the obesity numbers.
Granted, those numbers come from the outdated BMI calculation, but that said, you can easily use the eye test to see that obesity is a serious concern.

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Men aren't out of the woods, either. Their weight is up almost 20% according to the same study, so the issue about being overweight or obese doesn't discriminate.
So what exactly happened over the last 60 years? 
You can argue that food has changed, the purity of it comes into question with artificial everything, injections into food and GMOs (genetically modified organisms). You have to also look at wealth as it relates to health, along with work schedules and the modern family being a thing of the past.
As far as money and wealth goes, you can argue that food that is bad for you is cheap. Think drive thru window as far as a cheeseburger being $1.00, while a salad is $6. Typically, higher incomes are directly related to thinner, healthier people.
More work hours, kids' activities and multiple jobs and both parents working also leaves little gym time for the general public. The days of mom or dad being a stay at home parent and switching off with their partner when the other comes home from work just rarely happens these days.
Parents, too, play a key role beyond their work habits, too. They'll also be the ones that create eating habits their kids can follow (or not) and thus their food choices dictate how kids eat too, and the goal should be to cultivate a new generation of healthier eaters.
At the moment, however, the population isn't putting its well being at the top of its list. Yes, it is hard to find the time to eat right, and work often gets in the way, but at this rate, turning around this momentum would seem monumental.

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