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Pregnant Pause: Where Does Exercise Fit Into The Game Plan For Mom's To Be?

Exercising while pregnant seems risky and rewarding at the same time.
On one hand, you'll be better prepared from a health and fitness standpoint both physically and mentally but ultimately the question that remains prevalent: Is exercising while pregnant safe?
The answer is "yes," but shouldn't be considered resounding but rather suggestive in the response. A lot of key factors play into the amount, duration and overall health of the newly pregnant woman and whether or not she was an avid gym goer, exerciser or runner before she became pregnant. The doctor probably should get a crack at that question, too.
The exercise question is hardly a dilemma but rather a closer look at the specifics of the pregnancy process. This isn't like questioning whether a would be mom should drink or smoke before or during a pregnancy. Those aren't even negotiable points, not even if the consumption of either is insignificant.
Leigh Tenkku is the director of the doctoral program for the School of Social Work at Missouri University and does extensive research on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. She deduced through a myriad of research and studies that alcohol is a no no and should be eliminated entirely.

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Exercise is nowhere in the same ballpark as alcohol, nor should it be.
But figuring out exactly how to keep a good fitness pace while pregnant is a process that hardly is trial and error and should be flanked with research and doctor advice. Naturally, most physicians will tell you to exercise while pregnant, but exactly what type of exercise is being done should be noted. If you were a female rugby player or weekend softball warrior, you'll probably have to bag those extracurricular activities while pregnant.
A doctor or well versed, educated personal trainer would also be silly not to mention that you should drink plenty of water, never lay flat and actually eat more than you have been. Exercise, as we all know, burns calories and you're "eating for two," thus the need to take in more food, the healthy kind of course.
Like any fitness plan, and especially for those who are pregnant, moving around moderately is key; standing still doesn't do much for anyone involved. Starting slowly in terms of warming up, stretching and then cooling down makes a world of difference as far as soreness goes; that goes for those who are pregnant but also is sound advice for the masses.
Plenty of pregnant moms turn to Yoga and Pilates as a source of exercise, assuming that its relatively demure nature lends itself to relaxation, centering yourself mentally and low-impact benefits. Soon to be moms would be wise to flock to Kristin McGee, a renowned fitness trainer to celebrities. Her DVD, "Prenatal Yoga & Pilates," takes pregnant moms through an exercise opus filled with benefits and a regimen that is difficult but not overly taxing to the body. It also doesn't hurt that McGee is a mom as well so it is easy to trust her as both trainer and parent.
Exercise is essential to the masses but specifically as an aspect of pregnancy. The journey to motherhood is one of trials and tribulations but exercise as a component cultivates and creates a healthier, happier and more exuberant mom to be.

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