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Sleep talking: Ask yourself, "Are you getting enough sleep?"

You'd be hard pressed to argue that, without enough sleep, you can function at the kind of level you want, whether you're talking about work, personally or just moving from one day to the next in whatever comes your way.
Sleep is superbly important to being able to stay focused, particularly at the office. But let's say you're defiant with your lack of sleep, and you don't believe it is negatively affecting you. Maybe the real issue is you can't tell exactly other than a few stray yawns at the morning meeting if you're deprived of sleep or not.
Of course, if your eyes are fluttering throughout the day, you pretty much can deduce the problem, but what about things like your appetite or attitude? Do those things play into sleep being sorely missed? 
Believe it or not, a lack of sleep can lead to weight gain and an increased appetite. Beyond that, you'll also notice that if you're a reasonable calm person who doesn't let a lot bother them, that suddenly you'll be ready to fly off the handle without a moment's notice.
In addition to being a little off your game, you'll also notice that you tend to forget what people tell you throughout the day when your brain is working on too little sleep. Not only is your memory prowess brought into question, but you'll also lose your balance at a moment's notice or even begin to start to fall asleep just about anywhere, even if you're behind the wheel of a car or just home from work.
And when was the last time you checked out your skin complexion. and wondered aloud where and when all the blemishes come. Your skin, brain and body essentially become overconfident and thus sends signal to your people and know if they're really putting forth an effort or just going through the sleep pattern motions.

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