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Daddy dearest: Why dad deserves best gift on Father's Day, even though he'll like anything

Let's face it, dad is definitely an easy buy.
Father's Day is just a few short days away, and you're perhaps still sitting there wondering what to get dear, old dad.
Yes, the ubiquitous shirt and tie, socks and slippers or genuine card from Hallmark certainly stand at the top of most lists. But be honest, is dad really going to be upset with any sort of gift whatsoever?
Chances are if dad opens up yet another package of golf balls or the tennis shoes he gets every year, he certainly won't be inclined to toss the package or box aside and scoff at what he's just opened.
Instead, dad is destined to be the kind of purchase for Father's Day that is equal parts simple and effective. But what about giving dad something that is out of the box this year, or isn't necessarily something he'd expect.

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Simply put, surprise dad this year.
What exactly does that mean?
If dad is still toting around a flip phone, get him a smart one but more importantly, tell him you want to make it a point to go to lunch, spend time with him and, the process teach him how to use the phone.
Dad might love the idea of grilling outdoors in the summer or just hosting the party of the year. Dads tend to revel in the idea that they're the host with the most, the king of the party when friends and family congregate to his home.
Why not splurge on the kind of outdoor barbecue grill that dad really can sink his teeth into while he's serving up some mouth watering chicken, shrimp or steak. He'll certainly like the idea of manning the kind of grill made for outdoor cooking all stars.
In addition, dad might share the same musical taste as you, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't reap the benefits at that same outdoor party with a wireless speaker that hooks to his stereo or smart phone (you know, the one you're going to get him).
Dad also might like the idea of going to a ball game or a sporting event that he typically might feel isn't ever possible, like a NASCAR race for instance.
Whatever dad gets on Sunday, June 21, he'll love, because it came from you. Wanting to go above and beyond the norm won't go unnoticed by dad, either.

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