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Tepid Tiger: Woods days numbered, and it clearly shows

For the longest time, everyone from former pros to analysts and even golf enthusiasts who watch the weekend tour on television like the rest of us argued back and forth about the hottest topic in golf.
Tiger Woods.
Woods is a historically talented golfer. He's easily one of the greatest of all time, and when he finally calls it a career, he'll be remembered for his meteoric rise through the ranks as a young golfer who transitioned from teen to tour terror for the veterans who threw their hands up and wondered how he was so good, so young.
Tiger is older now, but he's hardly ready for the PGA Senior Tour. But he play has lessened to the point that even at a relatively young age golf wise, Tiger is taking a turn for the worse and words like "retirement" are following around this once mighty force on the tour after watching his latest flop: the U.S. Open.
Tiger was plus what seemed like hundreds, and he looked lost out their in the field. The irony is Tiger still was hounded by reporters, but the reasoning behind it was a far cry from how his career started.

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They were searching for blood in the water, hoping to report on and get a glimpse of a golfer and his equally fascinating fall from the graces as one of golf's greatest of all time.
The legacy of Woods is going to be a unique story to tell. He's outstanding at his craft, but his last few years have been marred with poor play and a personal life that is being told through tabloids and online stories that hardly make Woods worth much on that level.
Woods has made his money, and his golfing these days feels more like what the average guy does on a Sunday afternoon, rather than a professional poised to continue to mark his territory as a dominant player.
Woods' play is hard to watch, but he remains steadfast that he's going to return to form. Whether or not that happens remains a point of contention depending on how you want to look at the 40 year old Tiger.
He's done enough in his career that these tournament fails, albeit epic, won't do much to tarnish his legacy. Others argue that his dramatic decline is the stuff of legends, but on the wrong end of the spectrum.
Regardless, Tiger is a story no matter if he's playing well and winning or struggling mightily. That shows mostly that he's a star, and golf is going to let him go quietly because of what his name value still means to the game.

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