Van go: Is Roth ready to split from Van Halen - again?

06/20/15 by Chasity McLeod

Even in their 60s, Van Halen still commands respect.
Guitarist Eddie Van Halen hasn't lost an ounce of the talent that made him one of the greatest players of all time. The band still is touring like they're 20 years old, and even appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and "The Billboard Music Awards" to rave reviews.
Of course, singer David Lee Roth hasn't changed much as age hasn't slowed his demeanor or stage presence, which could be good or bad.

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In the case of Eddie Van Halen, it appears to be bad.
News surfaced that Eddie "ripped" Roth in a recent interview, stating that, essentially, they're not friends and a studio album might be nothing more than a pipe dream since their musical tastes are different these days. Of course, Eddie couldn't help but throw in a jab about how Roth doesn't act his age.
Here's the thing about Eddie and Dave: they've probably never been friends, per say. Some argue that the fact that they're different personally and creatively has been the direct result of the band churning out the kind of music that has made them one of the more popular rock bands of all time.
Talent doesn't always see eye to eye with other talent. Musically, today's rock bands probably have little to no friction or angst between members. That's why rock music in 2015, aside from bands like Van Halen and others that tour from that generation, essentially are carbon copies of one another.
The fact that Dave and Eddie don't get along shouldn't concern the average Van Halen fan. Money trumps all heartache and heartburn singers, musicians and others within the band get when it comes time to hit the stage and perform. Van Halen has experienced a resurgence in relevancy, and the band is making money hand over fist like it is 1984 again.
The only hangup, essentially, is Roth, but little has to do with his on stage antics. Yes, he's a goofball and at 60 something, he could lose the jean jacket and body tattoos. But that is and has always been part of his appeal. What is annoying about Roth is his vocals are getting worse, although they're not as terrible as some make them out to be, simply because they've really never been that good.
As a fan of the group, you want to seem them make another studio album and keep performing as long as possible. They're not embarrassing themselves on stage.
Most of what is embarrassing is the banter back and forth in print that is more prickly than any band related argument.

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