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Show stoppers: Some TV shows deserved better

Did you ever feel like every time you watched a TV show that you thoroughly enjoyed, it seemed to last a very short time and would eventually be canceled very quickly?
Plenty of television shows that were critically lauded and praised by the public didn't last very long at all, despite just about everyone saying how wonderful and talented the writers and actors were of that very show in question. 
So why don't they last very long, even with the groundswell of support (or so it would seem)?
That question isn't an easy one to answer, simply because ratings are the tell tale sign as to what is popular, but not necessarily good as far as story telling and the acting behind it. Humor, too, also is quite objective; not every audience or the mainstream "get it," in terms of the type of funny that the masses think is hilarious.
Take for instance, "Arrested Development," one of those shows that those in the know will tell you was humor and sharp writing at its finest. But the show didn't do much in the way of move the proverbial needle and was canceled. Granted, the show returned to Netflix and was resurrected quite nicely but the original cancellation is quite puzzling.
The humor was dry, not laugh out loud funny per say in like an Adam Sandler way. There was no gross out humor but rather snappy dialogue that was hard not to love.

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With some shows, you don't always get the chance to enjoy the show, not so much because its popularity waned but rather it disappeared quickly for reasons that were out of the control of the audience.
"Chappelle Show" scored superb ratings for Comedy Central and two seasons into the show, fans couldn't get enough of the comedian and his sketch comedy series. But star Dave Chappelle walked away from the program at the height of its popularity, and Comedy Central was left to fill a huge void in its lineup. Reasons abounded as to why Chappelle left a show behind that was doing well, whether it was due to creativity burnout or just not wanting to dilute an already remarkable show.
Don't feel bad about your taste; it's most likely a good thing that some of your favorite shows also are the ones that are reviewed positively. You can't be held accountable for the decisions put forth by the networks or even the stars.

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