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Health fools: Why some so called "healthy" foods hardly live up to namesake

Who doesn't want to cut calories and lose weight? 
Pretty much everyone is looking for a way to cut calories as part of their weight loss goal, in addition to exercising. So with that, they take to their kitchen and the grocery store and look for healthy foods that have been marketed as your dieting salvation.
From fat free potato chips to trail mix, you've probably been told your entire adult life that certain foods are snack worthy even if you're watching what you eat.
The problem remains, however, that these so called healthy alternatives might look the part of something good for you, but they're actually riddled with calories and fat content that would rival a piece of pizza or a hamburger.
That aforementioned trail mix has a few nuts that aren't crazy as far as snacking options. Almonds and nuts of that ilk have a high fat content but it is considered the "good fat." Where most dieters get into trouble is the trail mix that includes chocolate chunks or candies, dried fruit that is filled with sugar, including those so called raisins that look and taste like candy.
For that matter, dried fruit is easily and arguably the most notorious "healthy" food. If you're drying your own fruit, so be it. Same if you're juicing your own fruit. You can simply have the bare boned version of either. But if you're buying your fruit or juice from the store, you're ingesting enough sugar that you might as well have some Sour Patch kids, too.

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Sometimes the main course also can get in the way, if you're hooked on hamburgers and French fries. You might want to consider a veggie burger and sweet potato fries in place of the real thing.
From a drink perspective, you may think that diet drinks and sodas work better for you than the sugary version you're used to, but truth is neither is a viable option. Diet soda contains aspartame, a sugar substitute that actually promotes weight gain and can wreak havoc on your digestive system. You might want to think about that fizzy drink swapping from soda to seltzer, some of which actually is flavored quite well and yet has zeros across the board n the nutritional label.
The want to lose weight and the inability to find foods that taste good and are good for you is the perfect storm that pushes you toward low fat phonies and other foods that don't live up to their reputation. Reading labels and making decisions based on that is the ticket to taming that appetite that might turn on you.

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