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Fanchise terminated: Why new "Terminator" movie will prove doubters totally wrong

I always chuckle when I hear movie goers and critics alike report back to the public in chat forums and online publication respectively, that a movie franchise is "dead."
In some cases, the laughing put forth can be considered agreeing with the masses, that contingency of people who believe a franchise of movies just isn't intended to last forever.
Some movies and their sequels just don't have the legs to keep churning out movies every so many years; truthfully, the general public is pretty well moved on from this particular series of flicks.
So, they flock to something else.
Then again, there are some franchises of movies that should be deemed untouchable, the kind of movies that have so much silver screen clout that they can take a hiatus for a decade, yet still return to prominence after just releasing a teaser trailer.

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One of those, "Terminator," is about to release its fifth installment of the popular franchise and the first since 2009. This one brings back everyone's favorite terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was absent from the one done 6 years ago.
That movie, "Salvation," was a bona fide stinker from the start, and not even the most loyal fan of the "Terminator" movies can defend that steaming pile of garbage of a movie. Even the white hot Christian Bale, fresh from the "Batman" movies, couldn't pull together and reign in this ridiculously bad movie.
So with that, the critics and others, even the fans desperately in love with the "Terminator" movies, are deeming this new "Terminator" movie a dog already. Do you believe them? More importantly, does it even matter?
Here's the thing: Anything labeled "Terminator" is going to do well at the box office, whether Arnold is around or not or if James Cameron ever decides to do another movie (he was the director on T1 & T2).
Granted, they don't always land with the audience after the fact, but that doesn't prevent the "Terminator" from tearing up the revenue sheets at the box office. Reviews, which have been luke warm to positive, won't hold up against the kind of movie franchise that was so good for so long that fans aren't going to be super picky about the plot lines, but rather just enough their favorite movie.

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