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Dating lame: How to have that first interaction be your best

What is your best pickup line? Do you even have one? Have you ever tried anything corny to pick up a guy or gal?
Chances are, you've at least tried to use some sort of opening line to strike up a conversation with someone, most likely at a bar or restaurant or some other public place where you and another total stranger lock eyes and one of you decide that you want to start talking to the other.
But the question is, what exactly do you say?
Some argue that the pickup line in its purest, silliest form is a dumb idea, no matter how wonderful or creative you believe the line to be.
Not many women, for example, are going to dive into your arms when you ask them if it hurt when they fell from heaven.

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Plenty of dating studies over the years have quickly dismissed those lame, unwanted pick up lines. Simply put, neither men or women respond well to them or see them as favorable as it relates to a total stranger and their advances, even if they initially find them attractive.
And with that, millions of men around the world collectively sigh since they all believe what they say and how they act toward women is totally desirable.
It's not.
So what exactly is the best way to approach a total stranger that you desperately want to talk to?
Surprisingly, the simple and effective works well, like offering to buy them a drink or commenting on something that you may share in common based on the situation. If there is a band playing and you see he or she enjoying it, you might want to take note of it and ask them if they've ever seen this group before or how often they come to this particular bar, for instance.
It won't hurt to pay the other person a compliment as long as it is appropriate. Nice shirt or those are beautiful earrings plays well versus something that is rude or comes across as creepy. Being direct is acceptable, too, but as long as it doesn't come across as smug or arrogant, which play a fine line with confidence.
Ultimately, you know you. Whatever makes you comfortable when delivering that first, hopefully memorable, initial line, is what you should go with as you forge ahead into conversation with someone potentially special.
If what you have planned feels forced, awkward or just plain dumb, then stay silent and rethink your game plan.

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