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Housing plans: What to do before you finally move into new home

So you finally bought that home of your dreams, now what?
Well the obvious answer is to move in, grab all your stuff and start putting it in the living room, dining room, kitchen or bed room as you see fit.
What some fail to do, however, is prep the home properly and take the necessary steps a few days after your closing and before you move in to get the house itself in move in shape.
Now, you may argue that you bought a pretty new, pristine place and you're not going to need to do anything. They call that move in ready.
And while the roof is new, and the siding isn't all that old, you still should follow a few helpful house tips as it relates to what to do before you move in for good.

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For instance, some new home owners aren't content on just the status quo as it relates to a clean house. Rarely do previous owners leave the place a wreck, but you still should grab a mop, duster and some serious bathroom cleaner and scrub down every nook of that home. That isn't to suggest that the place is dirty but rather the peace of mind knowing that the house is now yours from a germ standpoint.
Furthermore, changing the locks is pertinent as well, if for no other reason than a loose key might still be floating around somewhere, whether it is in the former owner's possession or the real estate agent still has one. Granted, they probably won't think much of those keys if they stumble upon them, but you might feel better knowing it won't matter either way of they do.
Just because you decided to buy the house doesn't mean that you loved everything about it, which could equate to a trip to the hardware store for paint swatches and eventually the paint itself.
What you want to steer clear of is trying to paint anything substantial after you've already moved your stuff in, so you might want to push back the move in date in exchange for getting the house painted the way you want, without having to move furniture in the process. An empty house is a painter's best friend, and if the situation is possible, paint first and then get your things moved into the house.
Excitement abounds when a new home is finally yours. The process leading up to getting the house was taxing and stressful, so now is the time to enjoy it. But be certain you've taken the necessary steps to do so on your terms.

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