Daddy dearest: Combs' celebrity status moot point as football parent

06/27/15 by Matthew S. Vandriak

Sean Combs has had a few names over the years.  Puff Daddy. Puffy.  P. Diddy.  And now Angry Football Parent?  Yes, it seems Combs took issue with an assistant coach yelling at his son during a recent practice.  But Combs' son isn't a child and this wasn't at a pee wee football game.  Combs' son is a junior in college and this incident happened at UCLA.
During a practice earlier this week, Puff Daddy's son Justin Combs was being yelled at by a UCLA assistant coach.  After practice, P. Diddy confronted the coach and grabbed him.  Diddy was charged with assault with a deadly weapon for apparently going after the coach with a kettle bell.  He ended up being arrested, taken to the campus police jail, and charged with 3 counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and one count each of battery and making terroristic threats.
Wait, what?  Puff Daddy wasn't happy an assistant coach at the Division One collegiate level of football was yelling at his son?  I'm not sure if Sean Combs realizes this or not, but coaches have been yelling at players since players were wearing leather helmets.  Football is an intense game.  Players make mistakes, and coaches yell at them.  Sometimes players are tanking it in practice or giving less than 100% of an effort.  Coaches yell at them.  It's pretty much accepted that if you play football at any level, you will be yelled at by a coach at some point.  And you accept that because it's part of the game.  Football is a tough sport.  It's full of emotion and violence.  With those aspects, yelling happens.  It's not the Boy Scouts.  Anyone who's ever been around football know this.  It's reported the incident occurred because the coach threw Justin Combs out of practice for a perceived lack of effort.

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UCLA Head Coach Jim Mora has reportedly asked that the felony charges against Combs be dropped because he feels a publicized court case will do no good for the university or it's football program.  Mora has only asked that Combs be banned from the field during practices.  But according to some in the know, this has been brewing for a while now.  And that Justin Combs has been the victim of verbal abuse from this coach for the past three years.  It's also been said Puffy's son has been "humiliated and bullied" as well.
Now the coach involved in the incident is no angel.  Sal Alosi used to be employed by the NFL's New York Jets.  He was suspended in 2010 and then fired for tripping a Miami Dolphin's player on a punt return during a game.  Alosi had also been previously suspended by the Jets for another incident. 
Listen, do coaches go overboard sometimes?  Yes.  But if you play football, it's a family and at the end of the day everyone you're still a team.  But a player's real family should stay out of team related things that happen.  So whether your son is 7 years old and playing midget football, or whether your son is a junior in college, it doesn't matter if you're Joe Blow or Puff Daddy.  Stay off the field and out of team business.  And if you don't like it, don't let your kids play football no matter who you are or how old they are.

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