Dogged days: World's Ugliest Dog competition is mean spirited at best

06/28/15 by Rennie Detore

World's Ugliest Dog Competition, seriously?
I heard about this competition yesterday when a so called winner was crowned. The dog, which one, is a female one with a birth defect that gives her a hump on her back, much like Quasi Modo, which ironically is the dog's name, was crowned as the world's ugliest dog in the 27th year of this beyond silly event.
OK, so I realize this World's Ugliest Dog business is supposed to be funny, a big joke and nothing that should be taken seriously. That, of course, I get quite easily. My issues with a competition like that is two fold: it serves no purpose and is mean spirited at best.

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And before everyone gets crazy and says things like the dog does't know what's happening or why does the dog care, or why should we? I'm saying, no, you shouldn't care about this competition because, quite frankly, is the epitome of stupidity and cruelty.
I realize animal cruelty is a hot topic and one that is unacceptable, and this World's Ugliest Dog competition, the idea of parading around dogs that aren't cute supposedly, is hardly cruelty to the same degree as we've already defined the world as it relates to animals and pets.
But watching this imperfect dog being placed as a winner of an event that shouldn't have been around for one year much less almost 30 feels ignorant and crude and just plain dumb.
I even cringe at the headline that calls the dog not only ugly but deformed and almost makes light of the fact that he's a mutt who won an award showcasing that having something wrong with you is celebrated.
And that's the issue I take with this dog competition. I'm not suggesting or trying to say that a World's Ugliest Dog contest is going to translate into being assuming that being ugly is worth making light of with a bogus winner takes all event. What I am saying is that this isn't sending across the right message to someone more impressionable, perhaps a child or teen, that ugly somehow deserves to have a label or be pointed out in a way that is condescending and rooted in harshness.
The first kid to call another friend or classmate ugly and tell them they are just as unattractive as the world's ugliest dog is going to get headlines for all the wrong reasons, the same kind of attention this ugly dog event garners.

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