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Lemon headed: If you aren't eating lemons somehow, you're missing out

Smile and say squeezed.
No, no one is about to take your photo but you have reason to smile if you're ailing or not feeling yourself, if you're trying to lose weight or eliminate certain health issues, you're next best solution isn't far away.
In fact, it might be inside your fridge or sitting by the window at home.
That's right, introducing the means to make life that much sweeter and healthier, without doing much and spending even less.
Say hello to the lemon.

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That's right, this yellow, oddly shaped fruit is finally get the just due it deserves. The adulation and understanding of lemons didn't take shape until recent years when lemons have been linked to helping with certain problems or shortcomings physically, just by popping one in your flavorless water with just a few squeezes of lemon and a little sugar.
Lemons lock up head to head with certain ailments such as kidney issues and promotes weight loss as part of a juice cleanse that flushes out your digestive system to the point that it is running like a well oiled machine. Lemon juice alone can work to rid your body of digestive toxins that may lead to stomach or colon cancer
For more practical lemon uses beyond drinking it, you also can use lemons for when you're not feeling so well. If you're fighting off the flu or a cold, lemons might be the most likable fruit you have on the horizon.
Take for instance a sore throat or fever. The lemon works magically against both, particularly the sore throat. Hot water and lemon naturally soothes you're irritated throat and should lead to a faster recovery. Furthermore, some studies have shown that lemon juice can actually reduce a fever, should you start to feel flush, light headed or hot in general.
Perhaps mostly important, lemons mixed with water or, for some, alone and eating like an orange, the lemon doesn't let cancer cell live or expand any further as lemons have an anti cancer competent or chemical makeup that doesn't prevent to cure cancer but helps stave it off just that lovable lemon being itself.
The lemon is finally squeezing its way into respectability as a fruit worth fixating on for a number of reasons. The lemon may never reach the tasting test as its orange counterpart, but many are starting to take notice of the lemon hardly leaving a lot to be desired.

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