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Sun burned: Latest tattoo craze is downright ridiculous

Not everyone is the tattoo type, right? Some aren't interested in getting a permanent ink design on their arm, back or chest because, well, it is forever (relatively speaking, of course).
The rise of fake tattoo's rose considerable in recent years, but even those have come and gone as far as being the latest and greatest fad.
Now, those interested in tattoos who don't want the real thing have yet another option.
Sun tanning tattoos.
Yes, as silly and ridiculous as that sounds, plenty of the population is engaging in the act of burning their skin on purpose with creativity and stupidity at the forefront. The creativity part is subject to discussion, since technically those who are taking part in these burning tattoos have chosen relatively unique designs, no different than a regular tattoo.

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Imagine the Mona Lisa, for example, on your chest or that barbed wire look that covers your entire back. And, of course, for your comic book fans wanting that Batman or Superman logo on your chest for at least a few days.
Until you heal of course, then it goes away and comes back when you go at it again.
If you're reading this and wondering who would ever even consider something so dumb, you'd be surprised to find out just how popular this trend has become. The idea that burning your skin on purpose to showcase a design is now something you'd consider trendy is a head scratcher on so many levels.
First, tanning is bad for your skin; the UV rays from the tanning bulbs cause cancer if you're exposed to them consistently. You'd want to mitigate the hazards associated with tanning by perhaps doing it sporadically. In the instance of tanning tattoos, you're actually making it a point to stay in the bed long enough so that your skin actually burns. One could assume that you can get the same result from the sun too, but that isn't really much better.
Much like window surfing, back yard wrestling and other inane, pathetic tricks that hardly are treats to watch, sitting in the sun or tanning bed with the notion that you want to leave with burned skin and a Sopranos logo on your inner thigh for instance hardly is something you'd want to brag about to anyone, quite frankly.
Burning designs into your skin isn't creative nor should be considered fun.
The act is just another way to put yourself into danger when it really doesn't have to be that way.

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