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Happy days: Is your relationship on brink of failure?

Whether your want to admit it or not, you know in your heart of hearts if your relationship just isn't working. You'll know in the back of your mind or as you continue to muddle through one day to the next as it relates to who you're dating if this union is ultimately on its way out or if it is going strong.
How exactly can you tell what's working and what isn't?
Plenty of relationship experts will give you a list of points to touch upon or make sure you're in sync with your significant other. While that advice certainly has a place, you need to take the onus on your own shoulders and watch for plenty of tell tale signs to know if the next day is going the just like the last 50, good or bad.
The real centerpiece of a good relationship is commonality, which tends to lead to activities, dates and just about anything you do together being enjoyed by all parties involved. You hear so often that this person and that person have plenty in common.
But what exactly does that mean?

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A strong, secure relationship translates into doing things together that you both enjoy. If you're both movie nuts, then go see as may movies as you can. If one person in the relationship loves the outdoors and you've got little to no interest in taking a walk, much less spending any amount of time in a tent or on a sleeping bag.
You don't always have to have everything in common but if you're not spending free time together doing the same things, you're definitely not headed in the right direction.
Perhaps just as important, or more so, as it relates to your relationship and what is non negotiable is one simple word: trust. Ask yourself if your partner is acting weird or shady around you. They may be asking the same thing about you. You need to have that level of trust between the two of you in a relationship or it won't last more than a few days, months if you're lucky.
You can't overlook other ancillary issues that could be lingering as well, mainly, if the love you have with your partner is predicated on the staples or tent poles you want to see. In addition to trust, you need respect and admiration as well. If you have lack of respect for your partner, you're doing them a disservice moving forward.
You'll know soon enough if your relationship is headed in the wrong direction but don't forget about getting so caught up in the union that you forget the issue at hand and that is preserving you're relationship if that is ultimately what you want.

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