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Phone For Hire: The Heavy Hitting Cell Phone Companies Finally Find A Customer Savvy Balance

When Van Halen penned the 1984 classic hit "Jump," they weren't talking about cell phones. And they certainly had no idea that one word would become a T-Mobile marketing phrase nearly 20 years later.
T-Mobile surprised the cell phone industry with its "Jump" promotion, which was accompanied by customer friendly commercials that truly summed up the frustration of the consumer.
"Jump" simply translated into elation as T-Mobile promised customers that they didn't have to wait two years to get a new phone. Finally, one of the more renowned cell phone companies broke through the wall and thankfully changed the cell phone landscape for the better.
It's hard to believe something so technologically savvy such as cell phones could be so far behind the times when it comes to customer service.
Every cell phone owner has found themselves in that situation: you're only six months or a year into your cell phone plan, which you graciously renewed without question for two years, and you need a new phone. Or, you're the customer who buys a phone and wants to upgrade sooner for the simple fact that you are a technology lover and want the latest and greatest software and features.

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The obstacle to that has always been the stubborn cell phone providers who stick to their two-year guns without even so much as a budge.
Until now.
Consumers can breathe a sigh of relief when the aforementioned scenario plays out knowing that T-Mobile is teaming up with them, instead of fighting them tooth and nail. AT&T followed suit with its "Next" program, which is essentially the same game plan that T-Mobile adopted. Not wanting to be left behind is Verizon, which introduced its customer campaign in the same vein: "Edge."
Not to be forgotten is the easily forgettable Sprint service and its "One-Up" plan that is the company's version of what its competition is putting forth.
Some skeptics will argue that the fine print feels a bit overlooked, such as credit checks from the "big four" cell phone companies, along with Sprint tacking on an upgrade fee; the others don't. In addition, the cell phone companies are making money now on not only monthly charges for service but also payment plans for the phones themselves.
But that is about the norm when it comes to buying pretty much anything from furniture to flat screen TVs: buy now and make payments. The bigger story isn't the idea of cell phone companies making more money but rather, in some fashion, making it easier for customers to get what they want: the true definition of customer service.

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