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All worked up: How to stay safe from fireworks on Fourth of July

For many of us, the Fourth of July stars today, Friday, as the workforce is off as part of a three day weekend since the holiday itself lands on a Saturday.
That said, the long weekend gives us plenty of times to begin preparation for our own Fourth of July party or allows us to plan where we may end up going, whether to a friend's house for a get together or perhaps a family function filled with food and fireworks.
The fireworks part is a Fourth of July mainstay, a staple of any party on this particular holiday but one that brings with it plenty of concern from a safety standpoint.
Now, if you're like most people, you probably don't get too involved with the fireworks specifically. You're just watching them from the comfort of a back porch or while sitting in a chair finishing up that last drink or morsel of food. You don't have any interest in buying them or setting them up and off, so your involvement would be considered a moot point as far as handling them.
The rest of the population is enamored and interested in purchasing fireworks and setting them off to create their own light show in the sky, but also putting themselves potentially in a position to have an incident.

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Statistics show that Fourth of July injuries are on the rise, particularly with kids ages 10 and younger. Most parents believe that fireworks for that age group should be minimal, as far as what kids can be allowed to touch. Sparklers are most likely the safest option, since they have a cooled handle. Parents, however, shouldn't assume that sparklers are the type of fireworks that they can light and then leave; the top portion still is hot and omits sparks that could be detrimental to eyes and hair on a child. Parents are encouraged to tell their kids to hold sparklers away from their face and extend their arm out as far as possible.
Child safety also means that if adults are lighting fireworks, kids shouldn't be allowed to roam or run free in that area. For adults handling more serious fireworks, the biggest mistake that typically leads to injury is attempting to relight a firework dud that didn't work on the first try. It should be discarded immediately and not put back into circulation.
Common sense should take over when lighting fireworks as well, especially remembering to be in an open area away from houses, cars and other objects. A bucket of water is a mainstay for any firework display as sparklers can be disposed there in addition should anything catch fire nearby.
The Fourth of July holiday is one that is highly anticipated and enjoyed by the masses but make sure the day comes and goes without incident given the high risk factors involved with fireworks.

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