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Supply and command: How to have money on office supplies

When you think about saving money, what comes to mind?
Chances are you start thinking about fuel cutting costs, how to save money on your utility bills or what exactly you can cut from your budget, whether that is costly cable or cutting back on the amount of clothes that you'd be apt to buy.
But do office supplies ever really cross your mind?
The answer typically is no, but that might be because you don't have your own business or are funding pens and pencils for an entire office of employees. If you've ever worked for a small business owner and his office manager, you know how seriously they take their pads, pens and everything else office related.
And for those small, and in some cases large ones as well, make it a point to save every last cent on office supplies, when some would consider that type of expense inconsequential.

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Those businesses that put a price tag on money and saving it any which way they can know just how paramount it is to cut back every which way they can.
So how exactly do you save money on office supplies, whether you're an office manager or just someone starting a business out of their own home?
For starters, saving money on office supplies really isn't much different than that fuel cost previously mentioned. Perks cards tend to be incredibly helpful as they'll end up saving you at least a few hundred dollars per year at minimum. Some of the larger office chains even give you a gift card of some worthwhile value if you spend a few hundred on supplies, which shouldn't be that difficult for the larger outfits but even that starter order for a smaller entity should at least give you some free money.
And speaking of free, plenty of those Office Depot, Office Max and others of that ilk will give you something for free, if you have the patience to play the rebate game. Those apt to have the desire to head to the world wide web and try to save even more to the point that a particular item is free are the ones who are so far ahead in the race to save money, they'll be glad they took the time to take advantage of that rebate.
Maybe office supplies will never be the same as finding a car with great gas mileage or that interest rate that can save you thousands on a home loan, but money saved is the same whether you're talking about houses or how much paper you'll need on hand at any given time.

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