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X1 and Done: Comcast and its new platform plain stink

Comcast is consistently voted as one of the worst companies in terms of customer service and how the general public views the largest communications company in the world. Their latest and greatest television platform certainly isn't going to do much to help their cause.
Not long ago, Comcast unveiled its X1 platform for cable television customers, and along with it a heavy hitting marketing plan that touted just how wonderful this technology would be. You know the spiel: better guides, more informative and splashy screens, faster speeds and all the other rhetoric and empty promises we've come to expect from this cable giant.
What the X1 is quite frankly is flat out disappointing.
After having X1 after recently moving for only a few days, you can keep it. In fact, I believe I'd rather have rabbit ears than this ridiculous platform that constantly is freezing and telling me in not so many words that there's a problem and it (X1) is working on getting it fixed for me.
Even the platform knows how to buffalo customers and give them the same one liners that live persons do when you call to report a problem. The truth is that X1 in theory and for all its issues has a lot of sizzle but very little tangible steak.

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I don't care how interactive the guide is or that the OnDemand feature is upgraded. Who cares if I'm constantly having to reset my cable box every 30 minutes in the middle of a television show or while I'm trying to record one of my favorite shows?
Do I really care that the guide now has a picture of my favorite show rather than just the written word about what it is? That stuff might mean more if the actual platform wasn't riddled with one problem and issue after another.
It's great that I can search out South Park on the night that it airs rather than scrolling through an entire list of shows on Comedy Central, but the fact remains is I can't get my cable box to stay on long enough to even start a recording.
Until Comcast realizes that the X1 sounds good on paper but most likely was released before it had matured behind the scenes, customers are going to roll their eyes at the next latest and greatest, supposed piece of software or hardware that the cable conglomerate rolls out.
And it certainly is going to translate into more subpar and downright deplorable customer ratings.

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