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Shop till you flop: How the convenience of online shopping can fail you

As much as online shopping is riddled with convenience and the ability to sit at home and get what you need, often at better pricing, it can easily be your financial downfall.
Stacking up the pros and cons of online shopping might sound seems more like it favors the former more than the latter.
Online shopping allows you to avoid the crowds, confusion and clutter that is shopping at a physical store. No pushy salespeople, long lines or inept customer service personnel can stand in your way when you're sitting on the couch and ordering exactly what you want at a moment's notice.
Of course, you have to worry about sizes and the object or item in question not appearing as depicted online the way you'd hope. That said, those shortcomings hardly stand in the way of not having to deal with the general public on any given day when an excursion is about to take place. This is especially pertinent information during the holidays when crowds and craziness are at an all time high.
Most online stores, the reputable ones, give you the option of returning things with little or no headaches, plus of you can't discount the free shipping element that almost makes buying from home a no brainer.

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The one caveat of the convenience that is online shopping is just that: too convenient.
How easy is it to sit behind a computer screen, go from one web site to another and just buy accordingly? The answer: very.
Think about the last time you went shopping for clothes. You're filling a tangible cart or trying to carry pants, shirt and any other item you're preparing to buy. Something in your brain goes off and says, perhaps you need to stop at some point once you see those hands or cart getting filled.
You don't have that shortcoming with online shopping; there is no cart or arms to fill and for your eyes to notice that you're going a little too far with your spending. Yes, there is a price in that online cart, but that often becomes secondary to actually feeling those products in your hands.
For those that can control their online shopping and keep the spending in check as if you were in an actual store, the convenience is king. The flip side of that is posting some serious purchases to your credit card and not realizing the kind of damage that was done because buying became so simple.

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