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Electric Avenue: Plug And Play Cars Slowly Gaining Ground

Slowly, very slowly, but surely, electric cars are en route to becoming the norm.
Yes, that proclamation may be a few years away as far as electric cars supplanting gas ones as the standard in personal transportation but it certainly appears that the electric movement is steering in that direction.
It wasn't more than a year or so ago that electric cars stayed permanently parked in car lots around the country. The sticker shock coupled with a lot of consumer uncertainty took the electricity and excitement of the electric car and neutralized it rather quickly.
That lack of enthusiasm surrounded by the electric car begged the question: Do electric cars have a future?
Ask that question in 2011 or 2012, and the resounding answer would have been "no." Consumers couldn't have cared less about electric cars, mostly because of the cost, but a little of that trepidation also stemmed from questioning the durability of these futuristic phenomena.

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The research supported the quality and reliability of the cars, and the companies who manufacture them finally decided to get creative as far as lowering the cost or offering financing and leases leaving nothing to the imagination as far as being aggressive to make the sale.
Suddenly in 2013 and beyond, the outlook for electric cars seems on the rise as far as sales and overall interest is concerned.
It also doesn't hurt the long term planning of electric cars that they're becoming culturally accepted in terms of not only the cars themselves being heavily marketed and featured but also businesses being overtly interested in accommodating those who own them.
The PGA National Resort & Spa is opening an area built specifically to charge electric cars. Located in the southern part of Florida, the PGA National Resort & Spa will sport three stations for charging purposes, which conveniently charge an electric car in less than one hour.
Sooner than later, those stations are going to start popping up in plenty of other public places, too.
A typical electric car can run for up to 80 miles before it needs a charge, another huge selling point of the expertly crafted and contemporary vehicles. The emergence of electric cars could also provide a duel effect as far as economic relief is concerned in the form of gas pricing taking a much-needed nose dive.
As more information and material becomes readily available to customers regarding electric cars the easier it is going to become to accept them as a realistic, environmentally friendly alternative in the automotive marketplace. Soon enough, electric cars will be the ones guzzling up consumers, revenue and accolades instead of gas.

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