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Water logged: Dehydration peaks in summer but do you really know how it can hurt you?

When you think about being dehydrated, you might fluff it off as nothing more than something you deal with in the summer months without much concern that it actually can happen.
As long as you drink a little bit of water and stay out of the sun here and there, you should be just fine, right?
Dehydration is more than just the idea of drinking enough water but rather the long term effects it can have on your body above and beyond those hot, humid summer days that cause you to be a little disoriented and tired because your body is craving water, and you're not giving it what it wants and needs.
Dehydration can lead to plenty of medical issues should your persistence to not feed your body the proper amount of water persist. The least of your worries is going to be bad breath on a daily basis, which you may misdiagnose yourself as a tooth or gum problem, thus prompting a trip tot he dentist. In actuality, you may just need more water.

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If you're someone who likes to workout and eat right, being devoid of water is going to set you back quite extensively in that regard. Case in point. a lack of water can lead to premature fatigue, which isn't going to do your workouts any favors moving forward.
As far as diet is concerned, water helps keep you from feeling overly hungry but also dehydration plays into your body wanting more sugar and fats as a result of being thirsty all the time.
Let's not also forget that your eyes, skin and features will suffer with anything from fatigue looking to dryness. And speaking of tired eyes, what about your entire body? Being dehydrated is going to leave you lifeless and exhausted all the time. Particularly if you have some sort of auto immune disease, you'll have a hard time with nutrients and malabsorption, so having more than just a little bit of water isn't just a suggestion but rather a necessity. That recommended eight glasses per day should be at least 10 to 12 at minimum.
Water certainly aids in weight loss, diet and other items that are paramount to ensure a healthier lifestyle, but keep in mind that a lack of it leads to dehydration on the surface but could be a sign of larger scale medical issues looming large as a result.

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