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Child's play: Are kids too much to handle at weddings?

One back and forth topic about your pending wedding doesn't so much always just revolve around who gets invited, who sits with who, which caterer to pick and what route you want to take in regard to a photographer, DJ and anything else wedding related, including centerpieces and bridesmaids' dresses.
Something that also has to be addressed and that is equally important are kids as it pertains to if they're going to be permitted to be at the wedding.
Case in point, consider the two sides of the argument.
Kids aren't always the easiest to control at events of this ilk. Similar to spots like church or anything that is formal and has certain quiet periods, kids often are the one variable that can, for all intent and purposes, throw a monkey wrench into that wedding video that isn't so much filled with "I do's" as it is screaming babies or crying kids, or even the toddlers who feel like it is there special day and want to get up and prance around without regard for what is happening.
They're kids, right?

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Even the most docile and understanding bride isn't going to enjoy having her wedding day turned upside down when little Brian or young Emily decide to push their entire face into a cake that hasn't been smashed into hers yet, either.
On the flip side, kids and weddings mesh well on a number of levels, namely flower girls and ring bearers. These are cornerstones of weddings that are memorable and even the missteps of either little boy or girl as it relates to walking down the aisle is cute, particularly when the little girl only throws out one flower pedal and then waits till the end of the aisle to dump the entire basket or that cute ring bearer that won't walk down the aisle halfway before he asks for his mom or dad.
So, what is a bride and groom to do about kids?
Really, the happy medium often is inviting kids that are part of the wedding party and leaving the rest to be babysat for a few hours while parents partake in a wedding without them. If the bride and groom don't mind the what ifs about how the kids are going to be at the ceremony or even the post wedding reception, then so be it.
Let them run wild and live to tell about it every time your wedding day is brought up. Some just don't care when spontaneous events like that occur, no matter if it is a bit of a sore spot for some.
The truth is kids can make or break a wedding, but that's only in the eye of the people who are getting married that day.

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