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Plank time: Some exercises are staples that sorely are missed from workouts

Exercising, in terms of what to do and what not to do, is confusing. Think about it from the vantage point of someone who has never worked out or is just getting back into it for the first time in a long time.
From infomercials to personal trainers and a slew of gyms and health clubs promising you the world and rarely delivering, your chances of finding that happy medium or even a modicum of success seems like more fantasy than reality.
That's why when you embark on exercising initially or want to get in shape finally, you shouldn't so much rely on what you don't know but rather the few staples of any workout that are necessities, most of which can be accomplished in the privacy of your won home.
Now, you may think a simple plank, which is basically holding a pushup position with or without your knees touching depending on you ability, isn't going to do much versus a personal trainer telling you that you need to sweat, bleed and cry to get in shape, but that is truth in the former versus marketing and a sales pitch in the latter.
Former NFL superstar Herschel Walker's workout consisted of push ups and sit ups, mostly. Bo Jackson, albeit a gifted athlete, never touched a weight. He did more plyometric exercises before they became popular.

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So what exactly are the exercises that are can't misses?
Well aside from the plank, which can tone and tighten a midsection better than you'd believe, you also want to make sure push ups make it into the mix. Again, you can do them on your knees but they work your chest, abs but also your triceps and arms, a problem area with excessive skin much like your tummy.
When you think about wanting to start back into exercise the right way, you think easy, right? Why not do a light amount of cardio and walking really does do a lot to help that for those back in the game after years off of exercising.
You can't underestimate that legs are often overlooked and something beyond walking is needed, which is why squats are equal parts taxing but effective. A simple squat, with or without holding a weighted medicine ball or kettle bell, are going to tone your legs quickly and without any expensive equipment or having to leave you home.
Exercise often is looked at as difficult or too hard to accomplish, that is if you don't have the right mindset or a list of exercises that complement what you're trying to do.

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