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Sleep On It: Overall Health Hinges On More Than Just Diet And Exercise

Millions of American comb through aisles upon aisles of retail stores or watch intently the plethora of infomercials on television in search of the perfect exercise DVD. They spend diligent time at a health club or working out and meticulously maneuvering through the kitchen with plenty of fruits and vegetables in tow.
From healthy smoothies to high leg kicks, diet and exercise play an enormous part in overall health and wellness. But often overlooked is the absolutely important aspect of a good night's sleep. Those who employ exemplary eating habits in addition to an amazing workout regime may still struggle with feelings of fatigue, exhaustion or soreness not associated with a stressful job or too much time in the gym.
That worn down feeling often is related to a lack of sleep, something that is all too prevalent. In other words, this is a bed time story that isn't ending on a happy note. Lacking a good, solid night's sleep can lead to everything from depression to weight gain, thus making that time within the walls of a gym rather moot.
Sleep often is viewed by the masses as elective and something that merely gets in the way of their productivity or ambitions to work or study harder than everyone else. The "catch 22" of that is without sleep, your brain suffers and your focus is fallible.
The flip side of this are those who want to sleep but can't, as opposed to the segment of the population who are perfectly able to fall asleep but skip it on their own accord. Trouble sleeping is nothing new, and most of it can be curbed with just a few tweaks here and there as part of your daily routine. The biggest tossing and turning dilemma often relates to two major factors: caffeine and work. The latter isn't so much putting in a solid eight hour work day but working too closely before you go to bed. Your mind races, thoughts run through your brain and you simply can't clear your mind.

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Drinking too much caffeine or eating right before bed makes a superb slumber seemingly impossible, too. Curbing the caffeine by 2 in the afternoon should make for a much easier, head to pillow combination come 10 or 11 at night.
As for the midnight feasts or eating late at night, that practice is frowned upon but if your stomach simply won't cooperate, then make sure your eat light; and that doesn't mean four pieces of cold pizza instead of five. Try something simple like a banana or warm milk and graham crackers.
Sleeping disorders make for not only uneasy nights but a temptation to tackle this issue with unsafe medication, rather than a healthier alternative. Various products promote a healthier sleep, such as the aptly titled Sleep Sweetly. This product from Pure Health is packed with sleep inducing, safe ingredients such as amino acids. Amino acids covert to serotonin, which helps with relaxation and promotes sleep in general.
Relaxation to some may be in the form of music that mirrors more classical than Metallica. You all remember the calm, soothing sounds of a bed time story or falling asleep to the soft sounds of white noise. Attempting to quell this problem with traditional ear buds linked to an MP3 player may be a bit too cumbersome and actually make the problem worse. Sleep Phones feels literally like a good alternative as they're a fleece head band that doubles as headphones. You're able to upload music or audiobooks as an example; they're also a perfect solution to a husband or wife in bed with you that snores.
You could rest a whole lot easier with a healthier sleep alternative, rather than choosing not to sleep or adopting a reprehensible remedy and a mindset that puts sleep on the same wellness pedestal as exercise and diet.

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