3 signs you should marry this person

07/14/15 by Chasity McLeod

The decision to marry someone hardly is one to take on lightly. Marriage is significant for plenty of reasons, mainly because you're making the commitment to spend the rest of your life with someone, at least that is your plan when you officially say yes.
But even the most indelible and seemingly perfect matches still want to know if they're about to marry the person of their dreams or if they're truly just dreaming if they think they should actually marry this person.
Let's face it: people have been in love plenty of times and thought about marriage, even if the relationship doesn't feel as though it's being reciprocated on any number of levels. Marriage, or even thinking about it, should be done so with love, admiration, respect and caring in mind, among other elements that you'll need to have to foster that all encompassing relationship you'd like to have for the rest of your life.

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That said, how do you know or what are the signs that you should really be considering marriage at it pertains to the person who you are with at the moment?
No matter if you're debating marrying that special man or telling the woman of your dreams you want her to be your wife, certain nuances and outright personality traits will tell you all you need to know, in addition to how you interact with the person.
Core values are the same: This one centers on how you feel about your future together, in addition to your thoughts, beliefs and mentality on any number of issues. If you're talking about something that is important or defines who you are (beyond the ubiquitous politics, sports, news, etc.), you want to make sure the person you're with feels and thinks like you do, relatively speaking. Of course, more tangible examples of core values can center on kids and if you want them or just how close you are to your families.
Trust, trust and more trust: This is key. Do you trust the person you're with in any and all situations? If you don't, that's a problem. This also borders on honesty with one another and the idea that you don't have secrets between the two of you and don't have to constantly look over your shoulder that the next greatest reveal is going to derail your relationship.
Laughter is the best medicine: Communication and laughter are two paramount pieces of the relationship puzzle. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to have everything in common as far as what you like to do, but you have to enjoy each other's company, laugh at the little things and have the type of relationship that is fun, plain and simple. Part of the laughter and enjoyment translates into being able to tell your significant other anything.

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