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Woe is me: If you're having money problems, you'll know it

No one really wants to admit they're having money problems.
The idea of it is embarrassing, frustrating and, most importantly, leaves you lost as far as how to fix it.
But before you can change or alter your course from financially frustrated to flourishing in the face of all money adversity, you have to be quick to point out exactly what you're doing wrong. That can be difficult for a number of reasons, particularly when you downplay your shortcomings, rather than embrace them.
That isn't to suggest you should just assume that accepting your faults as it pertains to money and just assume everything is going to be OK if you simply do nothing. What it boils down to is fixing it by telling yourself that problem is apparent.
How do you exactly know when things financially aren't good for you?

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Beyond the obvious, like having no money in your checking account or having debt collectors calling your house all day, every day, you can pretty much pick up on day to day operations that is how you handle money and pinpoint problems with little or no difficulty.
If you're constantly moving money from a savings account to a checking one, you might be living beyond your means. The idea of a savings account isn't so much not touching it but rather not having to use it all the time. You'll at some point want to be able to add to it, and what tends to happen when you're having money problems is that bottom line balance is starting to be chipped away at daily, weekly or monthly.
In this instance, you want a budget to become part of your daily routine so that you can accurately track expenses.
Beyond your balance at the bank, what about those late fees and bank charges, respectively. The former means you're not able to pay your credit card bills on time and thus are paying not only interest and principle but late charges, too. In terms of the bank charges, if you're getting hit with overdraft charges, think about two options you can take: pay closer attention to your account balance but more so link your checking to your savings so you can never go over or in the negative.
Admitting your not as good with money as you believe isn't always easy for the masses, but that doesn't mean you can't alter your mindset and be more mindful of how you're spending and ultimately saving.

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