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Mac daddy: How to create your favorite foods, albeit the healthier versions

From gluten free diets to lactose intolerance, plenty of people have foods they can eat, even though their heads may be telling them not to have that ice cream or loaf of bread, but their appetite is saying something completely different.
The real issue isn't so much not knowing what you can and can't eat, but rather trying to find the happy medium between depravation and delicacies and how to maneuver around eating bland and not enjoying food whatsoever.
Some of your favorite foods unfortunately get crossed off the list, to be forgotten and never even thought about again because you just assume that their off the table literally because you can no longer eat them.
That just doesn't always have to be the case. You can easily put your favorite dishes back into circulation within your menu even if it isn't the same old one you are so used to eating.
Take for instance two favorites: pizza and macaroni and cheese.

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Both of these, at first thought, tell you right away that if you can't eat dairy or gluten, then your crust and pasta, respectively, just aren't going to cut it. Thankfully, the gluten free and dairy free crowd is growing by leaps and bounds, and pizza crusts and pastas are now readily available in the gluten free ilk.
Pizza on gluten free crust and without dairy can be dressed up with a slew of veggies such as squash and zucchini and also infused with soy based cheeses that are what almond milk is to traditional milk: an alternative that isn't disgusting.
The gluten free pasta can be trying at times as far as cooking; you'll have to cook it a little longer and like a harder pasta at first taste.
That being said, you can deliver gluten free pasta that can almost mirror the real things, at least as best as possible.
A huge side dish on the same level of macaroni and cheese is your favorite French fries, but those potatoes can weigh you down along with that fried food label that they get mostly. French fries can be transformed into baked goodness with a touch of sweetness. No, you're not going to add chocolate but rather use sweet potatoes, the healthier version of the white potato, that still gives you the same crunch you crave.
Frustration typically abounds when you can't eat the foods you love. The creativity portion needs to play big when you're standing in the kitchen ready to either give up or get busy making those favorite dishes even better, despite your drawbacks as it relates to what you can and can't eat.

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