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Working curve: Losing weight at work is real possibility

When you think about exercise, you probably aren't pondering work in the same sentence, other than perhaps knowing that your fitness regimen starts either before or after you get home from the office or your place of employment.
Decades ago, work and exercise never were synonymous with one another or related in any way possible. They've always been viewed as two separate entities that would rarely if ever intertwine.
Until recently.
Corporate health fairs and wellness initiatives in the office has sparked anything from debate to change within the confines of the four walls where you work. These once bland table and chair is being replaced by stability balls and treadmill desks. Co workers are eating healthier at the office and workplaces with cafes or cafeterias are starting to take note that pizza and French fries aren't always the norm.
Companies of course want their co workers healthy and well so that insurance premiums remain in check, so they're all about saving millions by just adjusting the restrains with in the office and no longer looking down on people who take a walk outside on a nice day or give them a few extra minutes at the end of the day to get to the doctor's for their corporate wellness check up. Some employers even are giving employees credit in their paychecks for having completed physicals with their primary doctors or having completed a health screening at work.

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So how else can you lose weight as part of work?
In addition to walking at lunch or during parts of the day, you might want to consider signing up or looking into employer driven exercise programs either on site or perhaps as a discount program at a health club or gym. Some employers are even adding on site fitness centers for their employees to give them even more incentive to hit the weights.
As previously mentioned, some employers are saying so long to desk chairs and using chairs that double as stability balls or just the balls themselves. The approach is that you're trying to avoid slouching and rather would engage muscles by sitting up straight.
Even standing once and a while at work is going to go a long way for circulation and weight loss. Employers are getting rid of desk and chairs altogether and putting in standing tables and areas where sitting isn't even an option.
The good news regarding work and weight loss is that the former is on board with helping to more of a degree than ever before, but adding a few extra tips as part of the process on your end is only going to help your cause.

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