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Office Antics: Not Everything At Work Needs To Wreak Of Tedium

The movie "Office Space" put a unique perspective on the inner-workings of the office and showed us a few important aspects of the nine to five grind.
Staplers are important.
Fax machines aren't.
And working within the confines of an office can be quite boring.
Thankfully, upgrading the office and still getting work done efficiently certainly can go hand in hand. Long hours leave a lot to be desired. Those who spend more time at work than home probably could use a distraction from time to time, one that is perfectly acceptable and can usher in some fun in the process.

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Let's take the standard office presentation; ditch the old school projector in favor of something that is a little more tech savvy and eliminates its bulky, less fashionable predecessor.
The stage is set for the MiLi iPhone projector, which truly turns your smart phone into the perfect partner for any business person who lives and dies with their phone, including effortlessly pulling up an emailed presentation and showcasing it to the masses within the meeting or board room. The MiLi allows you to not only turn your phone into a projector, but it covers up to 70 inches of space, more than enough surface area for even the largest of conferences.
Once that presentation is over, it's time to hit the links or have a little post-office fun. But you're work has piled up and getting to the golf course is highly unlikely, so now what?
The easy answer is an indoor golf slash putting green that helps not only soothe the seething sensation that comes from working past quitting time but also boosts creativity when even the best ideas simply can't come to fruition.
If golfing isn't your game of choice, then grab yourself a bowling set for the office or spend your free time working on your posture. You've probably heard that progressive offices are eliminating the conventional desk chair in favor of allowing workers to sit on a stability ball to promote better posture. In that same vein, The Webble is a wonderful compromise between skateboarding around your office and working on a little balance. The Webble is a foot rest for the most part and fits snugly under your desk and promotes better posture thanks to constantly moving your feet and increasing blood flow.
Who knew keeping healthy and positive at the office could be so enjoyable? From boring to tolerable all the way to fun filled, the landscape and temperament of the office may be changed for the better and forever.

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