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Class rules: Why exercises classes should be embraced by men

When was the last time you saw a guy in an exercise class at the gym?
Probably has been a while, if ever.
Guys tend to stay in the weight room and forgo the thought of ever stepping foot inside the walls of an exercise classroom, whether it be for Pilates, Yoga or even a weight training based class.
Plenty of reputable health clubs buy into group exercise classes, which are put together by equally respectable companies like Les Mills.
Les Mills creates exercise classes that clubs purchase and subsequently offer to their members after instructors are trained on the choreograph of the in class routine. Most of these classes, however, are comprised by women, which shouldn't be all that surprising.

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The misconception about classes is that they're more like dance classes, such as the old school step aerobics made famous in the 1980s. But the newest version of classes is hardly Jane Fonda like exercising on that at home VHS or in a studio that leaves a lot to be desired.
And while most guys believe that not only classes are dance based, they also don't have the desire to lose weight but rather gain muscle.
But what most men tend to forget is that they can't lift heavy forever and as you get older, you have to incorporate weight loss into your plan, along with not necessarily ditching the weights altogether but increasing the reps and dropping down on the weight.
You also can't underestimate the convenience of having, for example with the Les Mills Body Pump class, an weight training exercise class in one hour and being instructed by one of the club's employees. Think of it as large group training that you don't have to pay extra for but rather is part of a membership.
One element that guys might not realize, too, is that exercises like Yoga and Pilates tend to allow your muscles to grow and stretch, and not only do they help with flexibility (which can lead to better range of motion when you are lifting those weights) but also lead to larger, toner muscles that allow you to see the muscles as you are dropping fat.
Now, of course, you're not expecting to see an influx of men in an exercise class any time soon, but guys need to realize that being in those classes adds variety and some serious health benefits that they may be missing out in just because they're too stubborn to ditch the notion that group classes are just for girls.

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