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Mac daddy: Why switch from PC to Mac made my day

For years, I've been told by friends or co workers that I should buy an Apple computer, a Macbook Pro, specifically.
Most likely, that advice stemmed from the fact that they would constantly see me going through one laptop after another, while complaining about performance and just how clunky the PCs were that I was buying.
But alas, I stayed with the PCs, one year after another, one machine to the next, and never really thought about getting a Mac, even though I was being encouraged at every turn.
Why, you ask?
Here's the thing: I admit, I always had this misconception that Mac computers were for graphic designers or people who much more important things to do on their computers than I did. I am a writer, who used Microsoft Word and the web mostly, with very little emphasis on music, photos in any way that would require me to use a "fancy" Mac.

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In addition to the writing, I do a very little bit of web site work on the back end but again couldn't wrap my head around the idea that the Mac is made for those who make movies, mix music or do something else that is, well, more Mac worthy.
Turns out, my thoughts about Mac aren't necessarily untrue as they're used as the first choice for those who do some of those aforementioned things with their computers.
The final straw for me was when I bought an Lenovo pro, the Yoga model with the thought that it can fold over and I can have a tablet and laptop in one.
This computer was terribly sluggish, and Windows was starting to finally grate on my nerves more so than usual. The keyboard even seemed like I was pounding on the keys themselves and they weren't even registering. The processor seemed like something out of the stone age and trying to save a photo and upload it was like opening a can with a pair of scissors.
With that, the Mac was now mine. And, by far, it was the best decision computer wise I have made.
The MacBook Air was my computer of choice and this superb device is light, thin and the keyboard works perfectly. It is fast, photos download and can be maneuvered perfectly on to a web site, and getting used to the operating system after Windows wasn't nearly as challenging as I had thought. 
The moral of the story isn't so much that Mac and Apple rule all, although that is hard to argue as I type this, but just that certain products, in this case computers, aren't created just for one sort of clientele and actually can be quite universal.

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