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Socially acceptable: Why social media is the new morning paper

Ask anyone who has been involved with the newspaper business for the last 10 years about the forecast for the next 10, and the answer isn't going to be too pretty.
The line from "Ghostbusters" in 1984, uttered by the late Harold Ramis, summed up the future for newspapers in three words: "Print is dead."
And that was 31 years ago.
Fast forward to 2015, and the newspaper business is hardly booming. It has become an entity that is forgotten by most and certainly isn't gaining any new fans, either. That last aspect is what many believe is going to lead to the end of newspapers within the next 10 to 15 years.
Once that certain generation who still needs to sit down and read the newspaper every morning goes away, they'll be no customers left to serve. In fact, even that group is waning at best, most of which have decided to opt out of delivery service and simply pick up the still popular Sunday paper, which contains mostly the ads and coupons they clamor for, but even that is dicey with the influx on online coupling sites that get that job done without having to clip or cut a thing.

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Today's morning newspaper is replaced by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even the simplicity of having your news brought to you on your phone or tablet much faster than that rolled up, printed log that get tossed on your front porch or crammed into your mailbox.
This isn't so much about getting news faster as it is, for instance with Facebook, as it is being able to not only get news briefs that you can pick and choose from but also stay plugged in to the people you know and also the ones you simply laugh at or shake your head at what they are posting.
As someone who isn't on Facebook, you still have to marvel at the fact that you can keep tabs on friends who either are telling you about their weekend or posting links to stories you know you'll like. Furthermore, in what can only be described as the old "Howard Stern effect," you tend to like to read a person's post you don't like as much as someone you do.
In any event, that phone and the social media explosion has easily supplanted the newspaper for sheer entertainment and convenience. No more ink filled fingers and clearing enough space to have that paper spread out.
Instead, your phone, a cup of coffee or breakfast and some simple scrolling has made social media the new morning paper for this generation and those to follow.

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