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Relevancy redux: Those outdated products simply won't go away for good

When was the last time you said to yourself, "I can't wait to get that latest home phone," or "When does that book hit the store shelves?"
The reason you aren't hearing those aforementioned comments or questions is because certain products that were important and relevant 30 years ago are hanging on by the proverbial thread as some consumers have forgotten about them altogether, while others are still using them and feel a sense of dedication and loyalty or that nostalgia bone in their body is beaming.
The land line, home phone probably is the most glaring of them all, given that 75% of the population owns a cell phone and even the older demographic of 55 and above even are attempting to cross over from their home phones to a portable cell phone.
Saying a cell phone is convenient is about as obvious of a comment there is, but the idea of it rings true (no, that wasn't an intended pun).
The cordless, landline phone sales have dipped significantly in the last 10 years, but for those who have them, they'll stick with them no matter how many cell phone minutes they use, texts they send or data they buy. Most off, the landline is for the modicum of the population that needs that sense of security if their cell phone battery dies and they have no way of contacting someone. Others remember having a land line as a child, and just assume that is what they need as their back up plan, more so than a main means of communication.

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From phones to periodicals, namely books and magazines, you have to wonder just how these bookstores and magazine publications stay afloat. When was the last time you bought a hard cover book or bought a magazine subscription to even the staples like Time or Sports Illustrated?
Probably not any time recently.
That said, much like that lovable land line, certain consumers need and want that tangible book in their hands and opt for that hardback cover over the idea of owning a Kindle or another tablet like device that has the book dropped in to their lap electronically.
As for magazines, they're more about finding the ones that offer tips, advice or the kind of well written feature stories that you simply can't find elsewhere. The same could be said for newspapers, along with local news that you might want to read daily.
No one can be certain for sure just how long that land line or book is going to last moving forward as technology no doubt gets more advanced, but for now they're living among the gadgets quietly and managing to stay relevant for now.

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