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Summer time blues: Warm weather fashion not always a given

For women, summer is quite the double edged sword.
On one hand, you get to break out all those shorts, short sleeved tops, sandals and superb heels that pair nicely with that slinky, sheer dress and anything else that screams to you to show some skin.
The flip side is surveying exactly what the trends are these days and reacting accordingly, based on a number of factors including age, what you already have in your closet and if you're content on following in the footsteps of the so called fashion experts or are happy sticking with what you're already doing.
So let's say you determine that you're going to adopt the fashion of today, but aren't really sure if you're totally on board with that movement.
You're not alone.

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Not all summertime fashion is a home run in the sense of how it looks and if you should be wearing at all when the weather gets warm.
One of the more popular items in recent years is the emergence of high waisted shorts of the jean variety that are paired nicely with a crop top that reveals a little lower abdomen area. All of this sounds sensational if you have the body type to pull it off and aren't too young for this to be deemed appropriate. Sadly, this fashion trend has found its way into middle schools where pre teen girls are donning this attire, even though it is made for more of an older, adolescent audience.
At the end of the day, the high waisted shorts work, but only for the right person.
From tighter closing to a looser fit, you have to be certain your clothes fit correctly. Nothing is quite as bad as clothing that fits too tightly on someone but baggy clothing is pretty bad, too. Summer is about flashing some skin, so if you're inclined to wear something that covers your entire body, you've got at least a little explaining to do.
But even that is perfectly acceptable if the clothing fits right. Baggy clothing is a sure fire way to destroy a perfectly good outfit in the midst of the summertime fun that you should be having.
Summer certainly is about vacations and busting out the type of clothing that suits the season. That only happens correctly when the person doing the hand picking is packing the right idea as far as not only what looks good but isn't going to be deemed a fashionable train wreck from a style perspective.

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