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Muffin topped: Can McDonald's kick start its revenue with all day breakfast?

This just in: McDonald's isn't the juggernaut financially it once was.
Granted, the golden arches still rake in millions of customers and millions and millions of dollars, but the resident fast food champion isn't churning out the same sort of sales numbers it did, let's say, a decade ago.
McDonald's always has been the type of outfit that isn't afraid to put itself out there in terms of its menu, the items and how it runs its business. From new sandwiches to other side dishes and drinks, such as the new flavors of sweet iced teas, McDonald's doesn't leave too many buns and biscuits unturned as it relates to trying to stay relevant in the midst of fierce competition from other fast food entities that have gained significant ground in recent years.
And with that McDonald's made the decision to implement an all day breakfast crusade in certain markets to see if their McMuffins and hash browns have what it takes to not necessarily interfere with its lunch and other non breakfast items but rather simply get more people through the door as a result of this decision.
But can this move really make much headway as McDonald's attempts to earn back lost customers and deliver as promised in terms of changing things up a bit?

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Well, not exactly.
Breakfast items all day sounds intriguing but won't do much to gain new customers. Instead, you might get a few breakfast lovers limping it past 10 or 11 in the morning on the weekends to grab their egg sandwiches or hot cakes.
The idea of an all day breakfast, however, as a whole is ice cold.
What McDonald's needs to do is toss its menu on its proverbial ear and start developing menu items that do more than just scream burgers and fries. Their salads have gone downhill quickly and the chicken breast filets they use on their wraps and sandwiches are sorely lacking in the taste and quality department and instead are as a slimy as a used car salesman at a cut rate dealership. 
The lagging affect at McDonald's has little to do with extending breakfast and everything to do with simply innovation and creativity being at an all time low.

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