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Mistake drone: Why do you keep making same weight loss gaffes?

Often times, weight loss and good intentions go hand in hand.
You want to exercise, eat better and get more sleep, all of which contribute to eliminating stress and living a longer, fuller life.
But the key word in this equation is "intentions," as most try but end up going into this endeavor frustrated and confused and leave feeling the same way on not losing the weight they want.
A lot what ails the general exerciser and consumer is so much information and products to process that they know little about where to find the truth. The same can be said for food and exercises, both of which can be misleading and rather difficult to navigate if you don't know what to believe or if you're one of the millions of people who buy into misnomers about weight loss and assure themselves that what they're seeing is the plain truth.
They convince themselves about things like weight training won't help you lose weight, you need a personal trainer to stay motivated and all gyms are created equal. Furthermore, that same population tends to gain weight simply because they're unknowingly sabotaging their efforts.

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Once again, a lack of information and bad habits rule all
Case in point, do you eat dinner in front of the TV? Worse yet, do you snack in front of the TV as well? The latter is particularly bad for your weight loss goals since you'll tend to eat subconsciously while watching a show, and then all of a sudden the cheese curls are gone. Not just a few, either, but rather the entire bag.
The flip side of that is the large contingency of exercisers that skip meals, most notably breakfast. You'll hear a huge part of the population that try to limit the amount of calories they ingest to the point that they're starving themselves in the hope of losing weight. That is the exact opposite of what should be happening. Breakfast helps keep the metabolism moving at a smart pace and while less calories are better, you should practice eating five to six small meals per day to comprise about 1000 calories on average to lose weight for the average sized person.
So whether you're drinking plenty of water or getting enough sleep, you should stick to the common sense elements of exercise and losing weight, but also be sure not to put too much stock in what you believe to be true, when in actuality it is farthest from actuality.

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