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New You: Nothing Is Off Limits When It Comes To Your Resolutions

We all know the routine, in the midst of December, typically after the holiday season subsides, thoughts turn to the new year, a clean slate that leaves the population salivating on just how they can make the upcoming year a better one than the previous.
Of course, you have your staple resolutions, the ones that are repeated excessively and rather annoyingly year after year with an incredible amount of positivity to them. Then, by mid-March those proclamations pale in comparison to actual progress.
You want to get a better job or start volunteering more.
You want to start working out and eating better.
You want to start drinking less or quite smoking or eliminate another annoying habit you and perhaps your friends and family don't like about you.

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Maybe you want to save a few bucks and actually starting "getting ahead" in the grand scheme of things financially.
These are all remarkable resolutions and certainly have their redeeming qualities to them but in most cases you're going to need a little help along the way. Those brave enough to tackle weight loss, healthy eating or a better outlook alone haven't discovered one keen, important element to these: technology.
Whether you're downloading a fitness app from your smart phone or keeping tabs on those calories with your new Christmas tablet, traditional resolutions often are made or broken based on the adaptability and foresight of the person making the proposition.
In other words, getting creative with a New Year's Resolution isn't taboo and not off the table by any means, even if your idea of a better 2014 consists of buying a cool gadget that simply makes life a little easier overall.
Maybe you'd like to start donating money to a charitable cause and you can't seem to find the right one or just aren't educated enough in that particular realm. Why not tackle a charity and have a little fun in the process?
For example, buying a pair of amazing sunglasses sounds a little selfish but not if they're from Ivory+Mason. This brand is bottling up all the excitement and fun of shopping and turning it into a fundraiser when consumers buy a specialty pair of frames. Not only do you get a stylish and fashionable eye wear upgrade but Ivory+Mason makes a donation to Baby2Baby in the form of a pack of diapers and other baby related items when the frames are purchased.
Taking a trip seems like a sensational way to ring in the New Year; a fresh start in a fresh city or country can do wonders for your demeanor, drive and determination as December turns to January. Whether you're whisked away on a wondrous tour of Europe or simply opt for a beach-front setting in the winter months, traveling as part of a tantalizing new year is the tops. Some hotels and airlines couple jet setting and relaxation with donations, such as the chain of Personality Hotels in San Francisco. Personality Hotels teamed up with the band Train to offer a "Save Me, San Francisco" package as an upgrade while already staying at one of their hotels. Not only do consumers who opt for the extra hoopla receive a bottle of wine, chocolates from Ghirardelli but they'll also sleep soundly in a superb hotel knowing that a donation is made locally to Family House.
Steering clear of health-related items for the purpose of New Year's Resolutions is almost impossible, but who says it has to more of the same old, same old. Forget the gym membership or thousands on equipment for the home and simply find the means to relax and rejuvenate, albeit in a unique manner.
Bed of Nails nails that mantra wholeheartedly as a means to do both. It feels fantastic on your back and eliminates aches, pains, stress and even the hearty, headache, while also acting as a soothing, transitional piece for the home as a means to help you sleep.
From the elimination of stress to saving a few extra pores, health and wellness also includes firmer, healthier looking skin. The question however isn't so much how to do this but when, as in the extraordinary When Masks. These easy to use application sheets for the face give you glowing skin year round, no matter the weather or occasion. They're tailored to the needs of the specific consumer, whether you want to repair damaged skin or want brighter, glowing skin.
So as mid-December creeps up on you and you find yourself mulling over that latest, hardly greatest resolution keep in mind that the status quo and typical traditional declarations for the New Year are badly in need of a makeover.

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