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Wait lost: Why do we make exercising so difficult?

When someone told me that they can't find time to exercise, I politely asked "why?"
My retort wasn't meant to be mean, condescending or flat out questioning their drive by any means. Rather, the simply "why" question sort of encapsulates the exercise and weight loss dilemma faced by the masses.
We tell ourselves we can't lose weight or exercise because we don't have time. We tell ourselves that between after work activities for the kids, grocery store stops and dinner that by the time work is done and the chores and errands have been completed that we are just at a loss for words and time as it relates to actually getting outside and exercise.
That, unfortunately for those saying that, simply doesn't hold up as being the absolute truth or finality that they might hope.
Simply put, we make exercising harder than it needs to be.

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A lot of that stems from how exercise is portrayed on television to some degree, when you watch these unrealistic fitness and makeover shows that have trainers barking out orders to overweight clientele while they sweat, cry and stumble over the simplest treadmill or the flip side and conversely they're climbing a mountain side after 30 years of never moving off the couch.
Does this tell those who struggle with their weight that hillside climbing and buckets of sweat is an all or nothing endeavor into exercising?
Perhaps. The real issue is exercise often is viewed as the customary gym membership or expensive personal trainer or hours upon hours at the gym or exercising at home yourself just to achieve worthwhile results. When people don't experience those unrealistic changes in a few days or weeks, they quit.
Expectations play a huge role in exercise, and honestly should be tossed aside. That tends to get people thinking that if they're not hitting certain standards that they should just forget about it altogether. 
So very, very wrong.
Exercise is what you want it to be. Some have to be in the gym for hours, but unless you're Dwayne Johnson or Hugh Jackman prepping for a movie role, you don't need at that training time. 
Instead, go for a walk, shoot a few baskets in the backyard or start slow with a few body weight exercises at home in the living room when you push the coffee table to side. You don't have to change your entire exercise world in one fell swoop, but rather focus on baby steps as you start to shed the pounds in a way that leaves you progressing nicely and thinking as thought this is actually possible with as much or little time as you have.

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