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Style guided: Why stubborn men make style way too difficult

This week in New York, Fashion Week was dominated by men.
Yes, the runway was all about guys as the styles for the upcoming 2016 year were on display for the world to see.
Typically, fashion shows and Fashion Week, mind you, tend to focus more on women than men, so this rare sight certainly isn't like spotting Bigfoot or the Lock Ness Monster or that UFO that you swear you saw in Roswell but rather just a glimpse at what is in style for next year.
Plenty of wardrobes and individual pieces were on display, and most seemed fairly toned down and normal, such as jacket that is more functional than flash and sports the number of pockets that would make any guy swoon simply because he won't lose his keys.
Some of what you saw on that particular runway was bold, naturally, and had some eye popping designs that were a combination of checkerboard and horizontal lines, but also worth noting are popular paired colors like blue and white stole the show.

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But most men see these fashion shows as something they'll never attain or not worth noting, at least not the general guy living in a suburban neighborhood.
Is that a combination of truth and men being too stubborn or open minded?
Yes, for certain.
No one is telling you, the man, that you have to start wearing scarves with your suit or deep v necks that come close to showing off your belly button, but that doesn't mean those men who are dead set against any fashion change and who are sporting looks that leave a lot to be desired (take off those tube socks and sandals and that crew neck T shirt that is screaming to be a v neck of some sort when the weather gets warmer and you attempt to get much cooler with you fashion.
What you see on the runway in New York hardly is something you have to emulate one piece at a time, but the practicality that is popular in 2016 or the blue and white combination seems like a tremendous foundation for men to start to rebuild a wardrobe that is woefully outdated and terribly antiquated with how it looks.
Consider if you haven't bought yourself a new shirt, shorts or a pair of jeans that don't look like you're a carpenter with unnecessary hoops, then much needed help is in order. That help starts with opening your mind in addition to your closet and realizing that a change is desperately needed.

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