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Unfriendly skies: Why flying can be terrifying for all the wrong reasons

Ever met someone who told you that they'll never fly and that their fear of the skies is on that will leave them having to choose between a train or car the next time they want to travel?
Of course, you have.
These people have dwindled in the last decade as flying often is viewed as the safest form of travel, mostly because unlike driving you don't run into hundreds of thousands of cars in the course of a month while you're commuting to work, but also the 10 hours or so you're on the road as you're heading to the beach for the summer vacation that is equal parts intoxicating with the potential fun on the horizon but also having to drive defensively and watch out for every bad driver and haphazard texter you encounter on that trip.
Flying certainly isn't without its trepidation as well, but for the most part those skies seem fairly calm and most have little to no issue with flying as it stands when it comes to the routine events that could happen, even if they are very few and far between (such as the stray emergency landing).
What is more alarming and quite disturbing however hardly is the very minimal chance of issues in the air but rather trends that are taking place that have no business being involved in the flying process.

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Recently, pilots have rightfully come under fire for a bevy of unprofessional and clearly unsafe acts in the air that are putting passengers in danger and thankfully getting these men and women sent to the unemployment line.
A few male pilots were fired recently for letting women into the cockpit and actually taking selfie photos with them, a mind blowing stunt that has no reason for apathy and no explanation could possibly allow any sort of decision other than having these pilots in question released from duty at their respective employers.
Even more ridiculous is a report that recently surfaced that has shown an increasing number of pilots taking selfies as they're about to land and actually posting them on some sort of social media.
If you're sitting there thinking, why, then join the group of people that read this same story and report and wonder the exact same thing.
This behavior shows a lack of responsibility and totally disregard for professionalism and safety for the people on the flight.
The end result of traveling via flying the friend skies hardly is by far a friendship that is strained at best.

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