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Flip to be tied: Why a tire can rid you of your exercise frustrations

Who isn't frustrated with their exercise plan, or lack thereof?
Maybe you haven't been able to workout as much as you'd like to or even the ones that you are doing aren't cutting it. More importantly, you aren't seeing the result that you would have hoped for, and you may be spending a small fortune on gym memberships and plenty of cash on personal training and you just are beyond frustrated with what you're doing.
The real issue with exercise is this notion that it has to be something so completely involved and expensive that you can't survive or succeed without that barometer to achieve. The other flip side of that is that intensity equals results or that you need to spend a ton of money on training and equipment either at home or through a membership to really, truly find the results you want out of your deal with exercise.
Truthfully, some of that stuff can work. Diet is key as what you eat tends to be directly related to how your body can change. That said, personal trainers deliver accountability and gym memberships tend to give you that atmosphere you need to succeed, but only if you can find one that is convenient, such as on your way home from work on school, as in you drive right by it.
Beyond that, however, those means are costly and often come with it additional fees and charges that you can rest assured aren't going away any time soon.

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When you think about fitness, stop overcomplicating the deal between you and losing weight or getting in shape and instead make it as simple as possible.
And you can start by getting a tire.
Yes, a tire can be the difference between you spending nothing or very little on an exercise plan versus dropping thousands of dollars per year on fitness and everything expensive that comes with it.
A large truck tire in the driveway or back yard can be used for at least five muscle building, leaning and cardio related workouts. Sit inside the tire and put your feet just under the opposite end and start banging out some crunches. How about leaning in a pushup position with your feet planted on the ground and knocking out a few of those while you're at a 45 degree angle? Furthermore, you can use the tire the way the pros do, that is the NFL guys who have to run through a multitude of them. You can practice with just this one and get some serious cardio that makes the treadmill look like child's play.
For the non beginner, you can flip that tire until your heart is content and build the kind of shoulders that you can be proud of in that tank top.
Granted, the tire isn't good for everyone, but it certainly takes away the thought that exercise has to be complicated and frustrated, when all you really need to do is simply roll with it. The tire is a good place to start.

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