Off based: Target shirt for women hardly offensive

07/28/15 by Rennie Detore

Ironically, Target finds itself as a retailer coming under fire for a new women's T shirt in what can only be described as negativity that it totally off the mark.
A few weeks ago Target and its new sporty T shirt for women, which simply said the word "Trophy" on the front of it was met with a wide array of criticism for the wording and how it relates to being demeaning to women, suggesting that women are objects and the shirt does exactly what the naysayers believe it to be doing: objectify women by assuming that they're on in the same and only to be viewed as something beyond a one dimensional thing of sorts.
While the word "Trophy" certain has the ability to be misconstrued as more than just a word when it is on a women's shirt, I'll have a hard time buying into it being made into a national news story and thus putting Target in the crosshairs of consumer fire that is a bit off baed at best.

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Yes, the term "Trophy Wife" isn't necessarily viewed as being a good thing, but hardly is the kind of rhetoric worth causing the ruckus that is being brought to light at the expense of Target. I'm certainly not downplaying the negativity that the word "Trophy" can cast upon a woman if used in appropriately or in a derogatory way.
That said, this is a T shirt, and I don't believe for one second that Target viewed this as something more than a silly, harmless tongue firmly planted in cheek T shirt that is more of a joke and jest than a jab at females or treating them as though they're a dime a dozen.
The latter mentality certainly is warranted if that's how you feel as a women or consumer advocate that isn't happy about Target taking the shirt and going public with it. But to call Target out and assume that they're the worst retailer in the world or that someone used judgment that was horrific is taking the English language and going overboard with just how this type of story is classified in the grand scheme of feminism and the perception of women as a whole.
I'm not denying that culturally speaking this shirt could be perceived the wrong way, but that lack of education on the hows and whys of objectifying women has little to do with a shirt being sold by a retailer. That apples versus oranges discussion is something that needs to be discussed but without assuming a shirt is some sort of catalyst to perpetuate misguided thoughts or the negative connotation of the term "Trophy Wife."
I get that it isn't a good term, but women are the ones buying the shirts and they're taking them for what they are: shirts with an albeit silly, stupid saying that they don't necessarily believe to be true about themselves.
Objectifying women isn't funny and certainly has no place in today's society. Wearing a T shirt that says "Trophy" on it isn't going to change the cultural barometer one way or another.

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