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Multiple Personalties: You Can't Help But Love Multifaceted Electronics Products

Harkening back to your first utility knife given to you as a gift from your dad or grandfather, you'll always loved, adored and longed for those products seemingly made specifically to make life a little easier and tackle more than just one job at a time.
It's a knife, screwdriver, corkscrew, fingernail clipper and, if you're lucky, a pair of scissors. Yes, that knife chiseled away at your heart but seems rather outdated in today's electronically savvy marketplace where a phone can now do just about everything for you, except perhaps drive your car.
Don't worry, there's probably an app for that in the works.
But aside from smart phones and equally intelligent tablets, actual, tangible electronic products certainly also leave us swooning for more.
In the same vein as the now dated watch slash calculator from Casio comes an updated version of that mentality: ScoreBand. This takes telling time to a whole new stratosphere as ScoreBand not only is a wristband that tells time but also allows you to track what really matters: your golf or tennis scores or just about any statistic you simply can't live without.

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From keeping track of scores to keeping pace in your car, home or office, SpeeCup can't be beat as a two-pronged approach to not only enjoying music on the go but also giving you hands free access to a speakerphone. Those terribly outdated headphone that come with your cell phone aren't going to cut it now that SpeeCup has raced past traditional means of jamming to tunes or jawing with friends.
SpeeCup functions as a wireless device that is the size and shape of something you'd carry coffee or tea in but actually is a portable speaker. Its voice enabled technology is terrific and because it is shaped like a Starbucks coffee, it can be stored securely in a drink slot in your car or strapped to a bike with ease.
SpeeCup, thanks to its hands free, voice controlled features, makes safety a priority as does the HuMn Wallet. This slim, sleek alternative to a bulky leather wallet wins the battle of the bulge but also helps keep your debit and credit cards protected. Today's identity thief is cunning and crafting to the point that they're scanning cards at record paces. HuMn Wallet wins that battle with RFID protection, a means to put card scanning back in your control. In addition, the wallet wows consumers with colorful plates that can be swapped out for that stylish demographic.
The perfect complement to the HuMn Wallet is the Armpocket. At first glance, this is an MP3 or iPod holder that straps to your arm while you workout but unlike similar, comparable fare, the Armpocket gives you a few extra compartments to take the essentials with you on a run or to the gym. Extra pockets means keeping your music player snug, along with cash and your phone.
Taking that same approach is the futuristic Keyport Slide, which tosses aside your tame, lame keychain in favor of a mechanism that allows you to store six keys but only slide out the one you are using at that moment. In addition to keeping keys at bay, the Keyport Slide also can be incorporate other have to have items within it such as a bottle opener, memory card or even a flash drive.
Think of it as grandpa's pocket knife on steroids or with a Terminator or RoboCop like update.
If technology isn't your speed, there are plenty of products on the market that aren't singular in their benefits and use. Take for instance something as simple as the pajamas. They're comfortable, lightweight but are incredibly flawed: what about keeping your feet warm.
Much like that nostalgic knife of days past, everyone loved their footed pajamas as a kid, especially in the winter time. Who says adults can't keep wearing this toasty, tantalizing sleepwear? Footedpajamas.com is highly indulgent in that regard with footed pajamas for the entire family, not just the kids. These pajamas and socks hybrid can't help but make snuggling or staying warm both fashionable and favorable.
Equally pleasing are the plethora of products that fulfill more than just one solitary need and instead act as a godsend in some regards when it comes to multitasking with marvelous results.

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