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Penney for your thoughts: What was JCPenny thinking by sending home employee?

Retailers certainly aren't without their controversy when it comes to the clothes they offer customers and just how revealing the shorts, pants, shirts and other accessories can be.
JCPenny is one of those retailers, however, that stays pretty consistent with what they offer and hardly moves that proverbial needle one way or another with their clothing lines for men and especially women.
Until now.
But this story isn't quite framed like you'd think.
JCPenny sent home a female employee for wearing shorts that were, well, too short. The irony of the story still hasn't quite set in: the shorts came from JCPenny. So essentially what you have here is a store employee who shopped at the store where she worked, cashed in on that employee discount and bought shorts that the store offered in one of its many sections devoted to women.

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Then, she was told that her clothing wasn't acceptable.
And yes, those shorts did come from JCPenny, but even more ridiculous: they were from the "career" section.
JCPenny has a little more than some explaining to do as to why they asked this female employee to go home because of the clothing she was wearing, even though the shorts are sold at a store that can only be described as conservative. This employee went on to say that she thought what was happening was unfair, but the manager didn't agree and sent her home to change.
She posted a photo of the outfit on social media, Twitter specifically, and honestly you wouldn't give the outfit a second glance as something you'd wear with no issue in the summer months on the way to work.
If JCPenny has a dress code, that's fine. They can adhere to it, although the female employee swears that when she was hired "too short" shorts weren't part of the no no list. That said, JCPenny can enforce whatever rules they want, but after a quick glance at these photos and you can clearly see nothing wrong with what she's wearing.
This might be a case more of a manager exercising power based on a misguided opinion of what they believe is inappropriate, typically an objective point of view that can be debated. This also mirrors the news story from a few months ago when a young girl was asked to leave her prom due to a backless dress, which wasn't anything out of the ordinary at this particular prom since every other girl in attendance had the same dress or something comparable.
Do managers, school personnel and officials in general just have too much time on their hand and are in love with their authority and power? You can easily argue that point when you saw the view of the prom dress and these pair of shorts.

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