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Tube stake: How to lower your cable bill without losing much service

If there's one expense that epitomizes a love hate relationship, you'd have to set your sights squarely on that monthly cable bill.
The struggle with the cable bill is two fold and sports both positive and negative attributes. For starters, you may tell yourself otherwise, but you absolutely love cable and subsequently watching television. You love the options, the movie and music channels and almost view cable more as a necessity rather than a luxury.
Cable giants such as Comcast and Verizon FIOS truly make it difficult to say no as it relates to not having cable. With gadgets and technology that goes on for days, including DVR service and recording, cable is convenience personified and truly comes across as something just about everyone needs.
The flip side is the contingency of disgruntled cable fans and their propensity to cut the cord completely. They don't care enough about local channels or watching programs whenever they feel like it, and instead have opted for lesser fare that isn't quite as finite as cable, such as the always popular Netflix and Hulu, along with finally taping into that DVD collection they've been compiling for quite some time.
But much like everything else we opine over and want, why can't you have the best of both worlds? Yes, cable can be quite expensive, and the average cable bill tips the scale at $150 to $200 per month. That said, you can always negotiate and have room for improvement as it relates to lowering the cost.

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Plenty of cable companies, including the big guys, aren't afraid to shave some cost off your cable bill if you know what to say when you call. You have to treat yourself like a free agent of sorts, tell them you're not happy with the current plan and are leaving for greener pastures. You have to be certain that you not only lower your rate but get the kind of low rate plan that last for more than just a month or two.
Kill them with kindness when you make the call, and realize that you don't always have to put the onus on them and can start cutting where it hurts, you, too. If you have HBO and the other pay channels, you might want to rid yourself of those first. You can't honestly negotiate a good deal yet still get everything you want, too. You have to make it seem that you're amicable and want to find the best rate possible without being greedy. 
With the way cable in bundled, you might luck out either way.
But you'll get nowhere fast by paying that monstrous cable bill without making some effort to lower it when that is hardly impossible.

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