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Hungry eyes: Quell those cravings with certain foods that stop hunger cold

So let's paint the late night picture for you, and see if this rings true to you.
It's late, you're hungry. Perhaps your schedule was a bit off and you got home late, fell asleep for a little and woke up at the stroke of midnight ready for your last meal of the day, starving for anything and everything in the fridge.
Maybe it is Friday night, and you're just getting home and you want to eat something. What about the unfortunate soul that can't sleep and wanders to the fridge late and hits the ice cream or potato chips harder than usual.
All of this sound familiar?
If it does, you're certainly not alone. Weight gain starts with eating poorly, and nothing packs on the pounds quite like eating late at night, particularly since that type of eating isn't really of the healthy variety.

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Typically, you'll hit the ice cream, potato chips or eat a sandwich that is loaded with any sort of cold cut you can get your hands on, and probably doesn't include the likes of turkey breast freshly carved and low in fat.
You may be saying, too, that what exactly are you supposed to do if you have to eat late or you're just hungry at that hour of the night? Well, for starters, you can implement a food regimen during the day that helps to deter hunger and keep your appetite at bay so as to avoid overeating.
Start with a nice hot cup of green tea, filled with antioxidants to fight off infection and promote the immune system but also helps reduce the amount of belly fat you have. Belly fat, of course, leads to overeating.
As far as overeating, you might want to look closely at the beans and chick peas section of the grocer, as those foods make you feel fuller, faster and thus help with being able to put down the fork and follow a diet that includes cutting calories. Beans and chick peas are high in protein and low in fat, and coupled with a high grade red meat could lead to some serious chili dishes that destroys hunger almost instantly.
Those of you who believe eating fatty foods hurts rather than helps the cause need to understand that certain fats are healthy. Foods like avocados and peanut butter are high in fat, but you would consider those the "good" fats (monounsaturated), and they'll help make you feel full and want to eat less.
In the end, late night eating starts with your way of life and routine. But not everyone can change their work shift and subsequently when they're able to eat. So picking the right foods isn't really the issue as much as being proactive with what you're eating before hand to banish your appetite.

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