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Cold Front: The Arrival Of Winter Shouldn't Mean The End To Exercise

Lovers of the outdoors who absolutely relish summer and soak up the sun, swim and surf through the months of June, July and August are met with the bitter breeze of Labor Day, thus signaling the end of their summertime paradise and winter looming large on the horizon.
Cold temperatures take away their outdoor activities of running and walking especially but also translate into heavier clothing, dry, cracking skin and bundling up ad nauseam.
But the transition from outside in doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing, or happen at all, as keeping up with a fitness routine or overall winter related wellness just takes a little creative thinking and products that put cold temperatures back in your good graces.
The older population probably enjoys the summer months for not only a respite of aches and pains but the possibility of going outside for a walk as part of a basic fitness routine. The cold is particularly a killer in terms of not only the temperature but the threat of slush and ice on walkways. The notion of that demographic digging the gym scene is rather risky if for no other reason than the potential for injury or simply being ignored by a sea of personal trainers who have paying clients.
At home products provide a sense of purpose and practicality as far as fitness goes, and low impact obviously is a fantastic place to start. Keeping it simple is key and such machines as recumbent bikes or ellipticals eliminate the strain and impact on muscles or joints but still promote the same type of cardiovascular health one would expect with a brisk outdoor walk. That equipment presents a problem for seniors who have space issues and thus something like the Leg Magic X might be a better option. This machine works the lower body expertly and strengthens not only your legs in general but the inner and outer thighs with natural movements and a focus on balance; moreover the machine can be folded and stored easily.

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More often than not, the younger fitness and health conscious crowd shies away from the traditional gym setting when colder weather arrives and instead opts for unique, inspired exercise that can be done privately at home, as opposed to being on display at a local health club. Many consumers actually contemplate a gym membership versus buying equipment for their home but begrudgingly opt for the former thanks to the latter being too much up front cost, such as a thousand dollars for a treadmill deemed good quality.
What most "snowbirds" don't realize is that exercise still can be simplified to the point that banging out a few pushups or using basic items can suffice in place of expensive equipment. Take Jenn Zerling, author of "Breaking the Chains of Obesity" and the tour de force behind jzfitness.com. She's an advocate of wonderful workouts that implement something as rudimentary as a wall and a friend for everything from warm-ups to sweat-inducing sensational routines. Simply put, you can do squats, lunges, pushups and kicks and crunches without ever leaving your home, as body weight exercises don't quite get enough recognition for their simplicity and effectiveness.
Zerling also wows her audience as part of jzfitness.com with plenty of perfect tips and expertise for not only exercising indoors but also combating the would be weight gain that typically accompanies the holiday; Tis the season to take in a few extra calories and Zerling zings that mentality with ways to fight off the fat.
Almost as important as winter fitness is the keeping your hair, skin and especially your face free that blustery, cold wind that leads to cracked skin and porous pores. Hydration is paramount during the colder moths, which means extra exfoliating during the week and plenty of moisturizing for the months ahead. Some suggest using an exfoliating cream, such as Jurlique Daily or any that promote a deep cleaner rather than simply topical at best. Moisturizing is two-fold with should combat dry skin, such as a serum like Sanitas Vita Rich. Technology has given us moisturizers that are spray on versions now, and Sanitas also offers that with their aptly titled Sanitas Moisure Mist. Consumers are best to find a retail store or online entity for all of their needs for a healthy, happy face this holiday season. Pharmaca Integrated Pharmacy makes a play for the top spot and features plenty of inventory and new arrivals.
Who says beating winter blues is difficult? Rather, a solid game plan and a penchant for products and the right mindset puts cold weather on the proverbial hot seat.

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